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A Statewide Abstinence Campaign

(No Sex Before Marriage)

September 2022 we will be observing White Ribbon Sunday. Again for the 16th year, Churches all over the State of Mississippi are giving the message of Abstinence. Fifteen years ago, White Ribbon Sunday was the brain-child of the of the Communities Working to Unite Youth (CWUY) 501C3 Organization of Rankin County, MS— a dedicated group working for over twenty-five years to keep the message of Abstinence or NO SEX before MARRIAGE, alive.

White Ribbon Sunday Proclamation - 2021.png
Public Announcement Embrace Freedom 2021by Tommye J. Morris
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Abstinence Recognition Rally
by MS Christian Living - Aug 1, 2021
Written by Anna Claire O'Cain


13 September 2020
14th Annual Statewide White Ribbon Sunday Abstinence Recognition

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