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Communities Working to Unite Youth (CWUY) has been serving the Rankin County, Mississippi community since 1987 as one of its primary non-profit 501C3 youth and family resource organization.  Because of a vision from the hearts of two ladies, we now take a holistic approach to uniting the youth in Rankin County communities, especially minority populations. Through positive reinforcement of family values and preventive education, CWUY offers Rankin and surrounding counties ways of actively combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.

For the past twenty years our goals have included providing programming  which provide a rallying place for shared problems and solutions.  As a regular sponsor of such activities we  have also seized every opportunity to establish a County-wide venue through which   parents can get the information that keeps them abreast of social issues affecting their youth and sharpen their parenting skills; strengthening their ability to  help their own children to succeed.  We also strive to assist children in  choosing sexual abstinence as the best way to promote healthy relationships and lifestyles.

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